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The last few weeks a lot of suicides and crimes been happening all over social media last week a man went on Facebook live and killed fifteen people because his girlfriend cheated  on him then he killed himself days after he would tell Facebook where he was going and how many more people he would kill until his girlfriend would call him he even stated “Nobody noticed me or even listen to me or ever showed me any type of love and affection but I gave it to them. NFL player Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder and during his trail he committed suicide without signing his contract to his football team Hernandez money for his daughter and finance . Many people can argue and that all these indecent was to cover up an up coming war our president Donald Trump has started for launching missiles and bombs on countries. I think all these crimes are horrible taking your own life away from your loved ones and killing people your taking someone from people who wouldn’t even imagine not even being here anymore because someone has mental problems and don’t know how to talk to someone about their problems.

Black History Month

Jesse Owens was born on September, 12 1913 in Oakville, Alabama he was the first African American man to win 4 gold medals in the Olympics in Berlin he was a track and field runner. Jesse Owens was a hero to us “African Americans” because he never gave up even when he wanted to he was determined to do great things.  His medals he won was for Men’s long jump,  100 meters,  Men’s 4 x 100 relay, and Men’s 200 meter in 1936. In this time Jesse was living where everything was segregated and racism is really bad and still when Jesse was well known around the world he was still treated the same way but with more respect.  

Jesse Owens made everyone feel like they could accomplish their goals in life and are able to do anything we put our minds to and learn how to avoid racism and negativity people may say about you to make you feel down. I look up to him because he was a hard worker and even when he wanted to give up because people was talking down on him going to Berlin when Hitler was doing that stuff. Jesse still went and did what he wanted and made his father and daughter proud.

Super Bowl Commercials 2017

Many people get killed by drunk drivers so Tostitos made a bag where it tells you that your to drunk to drive and gives you an uber code this helps stop so many drunk drivers from driving and getting into accidents. It wasn’t hard getting the viewers attention to this product because drunk driving is an issue and which we’re trying to find ways to prevent people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

This Commercial is funny but it didn’t get my attention to buy the car. this commercial is obviously for people who can drive and are maybe looking to buy a car.  I don’t think commercial would make people buy the car it caught people attention because how she kept getting hurt just to be a hero which was hilarious .


Verizon is over changing people when they use up all their data when you can get t-mobile unlimited data for a good price.  the commercial really didn’t get many viewers attention because people like whatever company they got . It was funny because this commercial reminds me of 50 shades of grey when said she want’s to be punished for using all her data. I really didn’t see the purpose of this commercial because we see everyday on regular commercials that other carriers are better then Verizon and cheaper.

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I choose a heart because I have a huge heart and these words describe who and how I am. My friends would say that i’m everything i put on my heart because I have an horrible attitude and I’m a crybaby when things don’t go my way so i’m pretty much an hand full.